Asteria is a web-based tool that helps managers and investors understand the risks in business plans. And there are always risks, because of the inevitable uncertainties that management can’t control.Example output from Asteria

It works by simulating possible outcomes of the inevitable uncertainties in a company’s cash flows and interdependencies. It provides intuitive interactive visualisations so you can see what’s happening under various circumstances.

Cash flows are important for any business, and especially for start-ups and other small businesses. If you don’t get the cash flows right, you won’t have the money to pay your employees or your suppliers, and before you know it you won’t be a business any longer. That’s why modelling your cash flows and the effects of your business decisions is so important.

But it’s not easy. Cash flows are bumpy and uncertain. You may be meeting your sales targets on average, but your monthly revenues are likely to be very variable. The prices you can negotiate with your suppliers depend on the size of the orders you place. An increased advertising budget may or may not have a significant effect on your sales. And if you get more orders in, you may need to hire more people to fulfil them.Example output from Asteria

Asteria is an intuitive tool that can help you see the effects of all these decisions and more. It makes it easy for you to look at “what-ifs”, and to compare different scenarios. It provides an interactive view of your possible cash flows, and lets you assess the level of uncertainty.

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Find out why it’s important to understand the uncertainty in your business plans and how the interactions between different aspects of the company affect the results.

Try it out

Play with the demonstration to see Asteria in action (you’ll need to log in with a Google id). You’ll be able to see how a small change in sales lead times can make a big difference to cashflows, or how a lower sales conversion rate can make it less likely that you’ll go into the red.


Use Asteria

Asteria can help you answer questions such as

  • What’s the worst that could happen?
  • How likely is success?
  • How much investment is needed for a given likelihood of success?

It can help you explore relationships and effects such as:

  • Between marketing spend and sales
  • Timing changes
  • Different types of variability

You can use it for

  • Assessing potential investments
  • Risk management
  • Setting sales strategy
  • Exploring business models

and countless other purposes, too.


  • Available anywhere
  • Dedicated web site for your models
  • Simple building blocks for complex models
  • Intuitive interface
  • Interactive¬†graphing
  • Easy comparisons between models and scenarios
  • Permanent record of projections
  • Results downloadable into Excel


We can help you in the following ways:

  • Custom frameworks for any cash flow modelling problem
  • Detailed models
  • Full modelling service
  • Training
  • Custom extensions